Painful Sex Surgical Treatment 101| A Guide For Prospective Patients

Overall, sex should be an enjoyable experience for a female, but many women have problems that cause sexual intercourse to be a painful thing. An article on Psychology Today states that about 15 percent of American women surveyed were afflicted by painful sex. The reason for painful sex can be diverse and depend on the woman, but there are certain physiological traits that can cause sex to be more painful for some women than what could be considered normal.

Don't Fall For These Myths About LASIK

LASIK corrective eye surgery has been around for decades, and so many people have experienced restored vision because of it. Yet, in spite of the popularity of this procedure, there are still a lot of myths floating around about it. If you are seriously considering LASIK, you deserve to know the truth -- so don't get swayed by these myths! Myth: LASIK is safe for everyone. Although there are a large number of people who are candidates for LASIK, the surgery is not safe for everyone.

Protect Your Eyes: 4 Ways To Shield Your Vision This Winter

Winter will be here in just a few short weeks, which means it's time to start worrying about your eyes. If you thought summer was bad on your eyes, wait until the cold weather arrives. Winter can cause serious problems for your eyes. Here are some tips that will help you protect your vision this winter. 1. Keep Your Eyes Moist It may be raining outside, but that doesn't means your eyes won't dry out.

3 Tips To Combat Insomnia

Most people will face insomnia at various points in their life. Although the condition can be frustrating, it is rarely an ongoing problem. When insomnia becomes chronic, you will need to try different approaches to consistently have a good night's sleep. 1. Be Mindful Of Late-Day Beverages One major culprit that might be keeping you up at night is what you drink later in the day. Try to stop drinking any caffeine by mid-afternoon or earlier.

Stem Cells And How They Are Used To Treat Disease

Stem cell-based treatments are used to treat a variety of diseases. Stem cells are cells that are undifferentiated but are able to produce differentiated cells.  Here is a bit of information about stem cells and how they may be used to treat disease.   Where Are Stem Cells Found? Although the cells are produced by embryos, they are also present in adults. Adult stem cells are found in various areas throughout the body, such as the blood, brain, bone marrow, and liver.