Painful Sex Surgical Treatment 101| A Guide For Prospective Patients

Overall, sex should be an enjoyable experience for a female, but many women have problems that cause sexual intercourse to be a painful thing. An article on Psychology Today states that about 15 percent of American women surveyed were afflicted by painful sex. The reason for painful sex can be diverse and depend on the woman, but there are certain physiological traits that can cause sex to be more painful for some women than what could be considered normal. Thankfully, modern medicine has made way for a greater understanding and ability to surgically treat women who have issues with painful sex. Here's a look at a few things you probably want to know. 

What exactly is painful sex surgical treatment?

Surgical treatment for painful sex usually involves working to make the opening of the vaginal area larger so penetration is not so uncomfortable for the woman. This is done by making precise cuts to remove certain pieces of tissue and making incisions to enlarge the opening of the vagina. When the incisions heal, the vaginal opening is larger and more open. This surgical treatment is almost like a form of vaginal rejuvenation but completely opposite. During vaginal rejuvenation surgery, the soft tissues that surround the vaginal opening are tightened; with painful sex surgical treatment, an effort is made to actually loosen the opening. 

Who is a good candidate for painful sex surgical treatment?

Painful sex can be caused by a lot of different things. For example, some women experience pain internally because of other health conditions like endometriosis, and these women would not be good candidates for typical painful sex surgery. Women who are good candidates for painful sex surgery are those who are having problems because their vaginal opening is too overly constricted. Therefore, the surgery is best for those who have physical traits that make sex painful; not women who have an underlying medical condition that is causing the pain. 

What doctors offer surgical treatment for painful sex?

Cosmetic surgeons who provide vaginal rejuvenation surgery can usually also help with painful sex surgical treatments. There are also surgeons who focus specifically on helping women who are dealing with painful sex through surgical treatments. If you cannot locate a surgeon on your own, talk to your gynecologist about your issues and ask them if they can refer you to a surgeon who provides this type of modern treatment in your area.