Some Treatments That May Help Your Spinal Compression Fracture

If you have osteoporosis and develop sudden back pain, you might have a compression fracture in your spine. These fractures occur when your bones become so weak that they break easily. A compression fracture can happen when you do something as simple as sneeze or cough. Serious cases may require surgery to repair. Often, the fracture will heal on its own in time. Here are some treatments your doctor may suggest if surgery is not necessary.

Why Parents Should Use A Three-Dimensonal Ultrasound To Gauge A Baby's Gender

Many parents avoid learning the gender of their baby because they like to stay in suspense. That said, there are several benefits to getting a three-dimensional ultrasound. The benefits of a three-dimensional ultrasound and learning a child's gender are many. Why Knowing The Gender Can Be A Good Idea The are many reasons why many parents enjoy knowing their child's gender before the birth. For example, it makes it easier for them to choose names ahead of time or to shop for their child.

Assessing When An Air Ambulance Is Necessary

Air ambulances are an important way of helping a person get the help they need to recover from serious illness. When deciding on whether or not one is necessary, it is important to consider speed, cost, and the conditions that are being treated. Speed Is An Important Factor Air ambulances are superior to ground-based ambulance vehicles because they can not only drive faster, but take a shorter route. A typical air ambulance can fly at speeds of 150 miles per hour.

4 Types Of Contraception That Put Women In Charge

As a sexually active (or soon to be sexually active) woman, you may be looking for new ways to protect yourself from pregnancy. The good news is that there are quite a few options available for women who are sexually active and want to pursue a new type of contraception. One of these options might be great for you. 1. Contraceptive Injection The injection, which may include Depo-Provera or Noristerat, can last about 8 to 13 weeks.

Tips for Choosing a Location for Your Walk-in Tub

If you are thinking about installing a walk-in tub for your home because you or another loved one that is living with you needs it in order to take baths or showers safely, then you are likely contemplating the installation challenges for this project. Many people have very small bathrooms that might not be able to physically accommodate a walk-in bathtub without removing the toilet or the sink. Other bathrooms might have other problems.