Post Traumatic Stress Disorder And Its Effects On Military Families

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder suffered by individuals who have experienced trauma. It creates high levels of anxiety or depression as those with PTSD relive past experiences that caused them physical or psychological harm. It also has a profound effect on the families of the victims, who often don't understand why their family member is anxious for no apparent reason. Events that cause PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder may be caused by single events or multiple experiences such as:

Why You Should Treat Yourself To A New Nose

When many people think about plastic surgery, they do not always do so with a positive perspective. This negative attitude can stem from a number of places, but primarily from a deep misunderstanding. Rhinoplasty (also known as a nose job) is one such misunderstood procedure. While rhinoplasty is, indeed, a common cosmetic surgical procedure, it can also provide you with numerous health benefits. So, rather than succumb to the negative opinions of others and rule out rhinoplasty as a valid option for you, get to know the reasons why you should treat yourself to the new nose of your dreams this year.

Four Toxic Materials That May Go Unnoticed In Your Home And What To Do About Them

If you have want your home to be healthy to protect you and your family, you want to make sure that there is no toxic materials. There are a lot of materials that you can be exposed to in your home, such as asbestos, lead, and radon gas. All of these materials can be the cause of many health problems and need to be dealt with properly if you find them in your home.

Why You Need To Follow Up With Your Doctor When You Injure Your Knee

You get hit on the side of one knee. A moment of sharp pain followed by some swelling occurs but you can still walk. A couple of hours off of your feet and some over-the-counter pain meds reduces the pain and inflammation. You decide that your knee is fine. Your knee is a complicated joint that can easily be injured and, if not treated properly, can cause you years of pain and problems.