How Can A Medical Records Review Help Your Legal Case?

If you're in the midst of a personal injury lawsuit, your lawyer might suggest getting a medical records review. You can use this for injuries sustained during a car accident or after a loved one wrongfully dies from an accident or medical malpractice case. So, what is a medical records review and how can it help your case? Keep reading to learn the answers to these vital questions.

Who performs a medical record review?

A medical record review is something that a medical professional can do. However, you can talk to your personal injury lawyer to learn more about hiring one. Generally, a forensic consultant is a person that does these reviews. A forensic consultant is a medical professional and is generally a board-certified pathologist or healthcare professional.

What is a medical record review?

So, what is a medical record review you might wonder? A medical record review is an analysis of a person's medical records. When you hire a forensic consultant to complete this review, they will handle everything necessary to conduct the review. It often begins with the consultant requesting access to all the person's medical records. This might include medical records from the person's general doctor, hospital, and other healthcare professionals that treated the person. The point is to have an expert review all the records to determine if the healthcare professionals handled the treatment properly.

What are the benefits of getting one?

Getting a medical record review is beneficial in personal injury cases, as you can hire a forensic consultant to testify as an expert witness in the case. This expert can use the information they find during the review to prove medical malpractice or wrongful death. They have credibility in court because of their expertise in this field. In other words, hiring someone to complete a medical record review might improve your case's success.

Should you get one?

Should you get a medical record review for your case, you might ask? You can discuss these things with your attorney to decide. If your attorney feels that it would help your case, then they'll likely suggest hiring one.

Get a medical record review for your case

Do you think that you would benefit from a medical record review? If so, talk to your attorney or search for a company that offers medical record reviews to help you with your case to improve your personal injury case results.  

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