A Healthier You: Three Ways To Kickstart Virtual Training Sessions

So you're ready to get on the fast track to a healthier lifestyle and would like to work with a personal trainer. Excellent! This choice will pave the way for healthy habits that you can keep for a lifetime. With the advances in technology, using a trainer in a virtual setting is now commonplace and extremely convenient. Read on for three ways you can make your at-home workouts a success!

Find a Great Workout Spot

One of the best things about having a remote trainer is the fact that you don't have to go to a gym! Not only will this save you time and gas money, but it's by far the most convenient option there is. Finding the perfect spot for your workouts is pretty simple, too! Look for a well-lit area that will allow you to focus on your class without any distractions. Obviously, a spare room would be the ideal way you could work out but any cleared area will also work, such as a corner of your living room or kitchen. 

​Stock Up on the Essentials

Depending on the type of class you're taking, you may need to purchase a few items beforehand. Workout equipment such as dumbbells, jump ropes, resistance bands, and yoga mats are just a few examples of equipment you might need for your classes. Information regarding equipment needed should be provided before your class begins to ensure you have plenty of time to go shopping. While these items may not always be required, they can greatly accelerate your routine. Don't forget to bring along other items to make your workout more comfortable as well! Water bottles, fresh towels, and a nearby fan will help you stay on track and move as comfortably as possible. 

Focus on the Trainer

For some personal trainer courses, you might be working with others in a group. If this is the case, be sure to maximize your trainer's screen to keep your attention on them. While it might be tempting to compare yourself to others, remember that your workout is your own so stay focused on what your trainer tells you. If you're lucky enough to score a one-on-one trainer, this process will come far easier. Simply put all of your attention on what your trainer explains throughout your session and be sure to ask any questions if you feel lost! Don't ever feel embarrassed to speak up. In fact, your trainer will love that you're willing to learn more and strive to do better! Ensure that the brightness of your screen, as well as the volume levels, are at an acceptable level to make the virtual process even easier. 

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