Do You Need Stitches? How To Tell If You Do

A deep cut or a laceration that requires stitches should be stitched up immediately to help with healing the wound properly and to help prevent an infection deep in your skin. If you don't get your wound stitched up, you could end up with an injury that doesn't heal correctly, takes longer to heal, or that could heal open with a gouge in your skin that can be there for a very long time. If you aren't sure if you need stitches, read on for ways to tell if you do and other tips to care for your wound.

It Doesn't Stop Bleeding

If your wound doesn't stop bleeding, or it is bleeding profusely, it may be because you need stitches. An open wound that is deep will bleed for an extended period of time before it begins to clot. You can try to hold a compress on the wound to see if it helps stop the bleeding, but if this doesn't do anything either, you should probably have it looked at by a physician at urgent care. The physician can stitch it if need be, or at least clean it out and treat it properly.

Bone Or Muscle Is Exposed

If the cut is so deep that there is muscle or bone exposed, you should get to urgent care for stitches. If muscle or bone is exposed, you could end up with all types of issues. Exposed muscle or muscle that was cut could potentially affect how the muscle heals afterward and how it will perform once it heals. Exposed bone could result in infection in the bone if you aren't careful. It should be looked at by a professional at an urgent care center at the very least and stitched if need be. 

Caring For A Deep Wound

If you have a deep wound the requires stitches, you need to be sure you keep it clean and dry. Wash it with soap and water, then be sure it is dry before covering it with a bandage. Use an antibiotic ointment on the wound to keep it from getting infected. Cover it to keep it from being exposed to the elements, but leave it open when you aren't out and about to help it dry out and prevent infection from moisture. Change your bandages often to prevent moisture as well, as moisture can breed bacteria and it could get infected.

If you have a deep wound, you should go to urgent care for stitches or treatment. You want your wound to heal properly, and in order for this to happen with a deep wound, you should go to urgent care. Contact an urgent care service, like 75th St Injury & Illness Center, to learn more about wounds that need stitches.