Things You Might Want To Do If You Have An Overactive Bladder

If you have been suffering from an overactive bladder, you might be to the point where you have simply had enough! It can be hard to deal with feeling the urge to urinate more often than you should. Such issues can make it hard to enough time out away from home and it can make it hard to perform well at work if you have to keep leaving to use the restroom. A good thing to do is to take a little time to read through the following helpful tips for those with an overactive bladder:

Limit How Much You Drink In The Evening

A lot of people with overactive bladders will find that they have trouble getting a full night of rest because they have to wake up to use the bathroom every couple of hours. While you might not be able to completely prevent a middle-of-the-night bathroom trip again, you can work on limiting how often they take place. For example, if you were to stop drinking all liquids after six in the evening and you do not go to sleep for a few hours after that, you should be able to empty the majority of your bladder before you head off to bed. This will limit how often you wake up with the urge to use the bathroom.

Change When You Take Your Medications

There are some medications, such as diuretics, that can cause your body to produce a lot more urine than you are used to producing. If you are not able to stop taking the medication that is completing your overactive bladder, you will want to ask your doctor if you can take the medication first thing in the morning instead of at night. This way, the excess urine that is produced will be expelled throughout the day and evening.

Ask About Medications To Help

It may be a good idea to schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss the problems that you have been having. He or she will review your medical record, talk with you about some changes that you might be able to make to your lifestyle, and discuss the possibility of getting you started on a medication specifically made for those who need a little extra help controlling their bladder.

It might take you doing a few different things, but you should be able to notice some improvement in no time at all.