Tips for Getting the Most Out of Physical Therapy

Whether you are recovering from an operation, are seeking effective pain management therapies, or want to improve your health and mobility, there are several reasons why a patient will seek physical therapy. Your physical therapist has received years of training in techniques designed to improve their patients' health. However, your participation is just as important to your recovery and health as your physical therapists.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of every physical therapy session.

Communicate with Your Physical Therapist

During your initial session, tell your physical therapist how your injury occurred, any pain you are experiencing, past medical tests and treatment that have been performed, and any plans you have made with your physician. As the sessions continue, continue to talk with your therapist about your symptoms, which treatments and exercises are beneficial, and which are not having a positive effect on your condition.

Share the specifics about your condition, symptoms, and prognosis to help them create a more effective exercise and lifestyle plan.

Do Your Homework and Exercises

Before your first meeting with your physical therapist, research your condition, symptoms, or illness and learn about the potential treatments. This will help alleviate any anxiety you have about the process. Continue to learn more about your condition and any lifestyle changes that can help make physical therapy more effective.

Depending on the severity of your illness or symptoms, the amount of time you are staying in physical therapy, and your doctor's recommendations, your therapist might provide you with homework. This could include changes to your diet and exercises you can perform at home or in the gym. Continuing your exercises and therapy as ordered by your physical therapist is critical because it will help you heal faster and make your sessions more effective.

Show up to Appointments Ready to Work

Finally, always show up to all your physical therapy appointments on time and ready to perform your exercises, communicate, and share any health concerns with your therapist. Even if you're feeling under the weather, you don't think the treatments are effective, or you want to stay home and relax instead, it's important to never miss a physical therapy session.

Your physical therapist cannot help improve your quality of life, lessen your symptoms, and help you get back to work. However, the therapy won't be effective unless you go to every appointment ready to put in the work.

From keeping all your appointments to doing your homework and home exercises, these are some of the things you can do to make the most out of every physical therapy session. Go to sites like for more information about physical therapy.