Signs That Too Much Exercise Could Be Negatively Affecting Your Health

When it comes to exercise, it's easy to assume that because it's good for you, the more you can do, the better. While it's certainly true that a lifestyle full of exercise is beneficial for your emotional and physical health, there are times that you can actually exercise too much. Even if you're in hurry to reach your health goals — for example, to lose weight — through exercise, you'll often find that being more moderate in your approach won't lead to the following unfavorable results. If you notice these signs that you could be exercising too much, it's time to visit your family doctor to discuss what's going on:

Injuries That Don't Heal

One potentially negative aspect of exercising is that you can sometimes develop injuries. If you're jogging around the neighborhood or lifting weights at the gym, for example, you might strain a muscle. Logic dictates that you should take a break to allow the muscle to heal, but if you're determined on exercising daily, you might resume the activity the following day. When you take this approach, you'll commonly find that injuries don't have time to heal — and you could end up making minor injuries last longer or even become more serious.

Illnesses Become More Common

The strain that you put your body through while exercising can actually compromise your immune system to a degree. This means that you might notice that you're getting sick more than usual. For example, you could come down with a cold fairly regularly, even outside of cold and flu season, or these illnesses could take you longer to shake than the average person. This can be frustrating and confusing because you're likely thinking that your regular exercise should be making you healthier. Your family doctor will likely tell you to give the exercise regimen a break, especially when you're battling a cold.

Menstruation Doesn't Occur

In extreme cases of over-exercising, women may actually stop menstruating. This may especially occur if you've exercised to the point at which your body weight is extremely low. Take this situation as a clear sign that you're exercising too much. Your family doctor will be helpful in discussing the amount that you exercise versus your health goals and how much you actually need to exercise to be healthy. For example, if you've already reached a healthy weight, the doctor may advocate reducing your exercise and making some healthy dietary changes.

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