Understanding Treatment Options for Glaucoma

If you recently had a routine eye exam, and your eye doctor indicated you are suffering from glaucoma, you will most likely want to find an effective way to treat the condition in an attempt to reverse the process. Glaucoma is a vision problem caused by excessive amounts of moisture remaining on your eyes' surfaces. This puts pressure upon your eyes, eventually leading to a deterioration of your sight. This condition is not felt, so it is diagnosed after an eye exam. Here are some of the treatment options available to stop the progression of this condition.

Using Medication to Stop the Condition from Escalating

Your eye doctor will most likely recommend trying to reduce pressure with prescription medication. Eye drops are usually prescribed for this condition. When you place drops inside of your eyes, make sure to keep them shut for a minute or two after application. This will ensure the medication will distribute evenly over your eyes' surfaces. The medication may burn slightly depending on the brand or type prescribed. After you have used drops for a few weeks, your eye doctor will recheck your eyes to see whether the pressure has reduced. If not, they may prescribe oral medication to be taken in conjunction with your drops. These are used to reduce moisture in the eyes, helping to minimize pressure even more.

Trying Surgical Means to Relieve Eye Pressure 

If medication is not working as well as your eye doctor would like, they will most likely recommend one of a few surgical options to reduce the pressure of the eyes. Laser surgery is usually the first option, as it can be conducted as an outpatient procedure. Small cuts will be placed in between the cornea and iris to aid in the draining of moisture trapped inside. This will reduce pressure, saving your sight as a result. This process can be repeated if it does not work effectively the first time. If a few laser sessions prove to be unsuccessful, your eye doctor will recommend traditional surgery to take care of fluid buildup. 

Another procedure offered is the addition of eye stents. These are small tubules inserted into the eyes, allowing for moisture to drain constantly. The moisture will be directed to another portion of the eye tissue, where it will be absorbed. Often those who have this type of surgery find they will no longer need to continue taking medication to relieve pressure in the eyes.

To get started with glaucoma treatment, make an appointment with a healthcare provider such as Coastal Eye Care.