Tips For Vet Techs That Have Developed A Sudden Allergy To Cats And Dogs

If you have worked as a vet tech for most of your adult life, you may have been around thousands of various animals without experiencing any health problems because of it. However, if you suddenly start to sneeze, wheeze and cough when around cats or dogs, you may be wondering how you will continue working with animals. For many vet techs, the thought of changing careers because of a sudden allergy development is unthinkable and a devastating blow. The good news is you can keep on working with animals despite your new pet allergy by following these tips.

Immunotherapy Can Eradicate Your Pet Allergies Over Time

No one likes to consider taking shots on a weekly basis, but when you are faced with losing your career to an allergy, the shots may be easier to deal with. Immunotherapy for pet allergies has been found to completely eradicate pet allergies if the patient follows through with the treatment properly. In fact, up to 80% of patients that have received immunotherapy shots for pet allergies have become completely allergy free in as little as three years. Your immunotherapy will usually begin with getting shots weekly, then monthly over a time period of about three years, depending on any remaining allergy symptoms you may still experience when exposed to pet dander. If you have suddenly developed an allergy to pets, learning more about immunotherapy providers in the area is important.

Precautions To Take At The Vet Clinic While Undergoing Immunotherapy

Minimizing your exposure to pet dander in a veterinarian clinic may seem at first like an impossible task, but bear in mind your biggest concern is breathing in dander. If you are planning to have immunotherapy or are already having it, wearing a mask while at work is a good idea until your therapy is finished. You may find wearing a mask a lot of the time aggravating, but it will be well worth it to keep your career working with animals. Take breaks outside so you can take off the mask for a bit. If you have tasks to do in outdoor kennels, consider that time for slipping off your mask as well. Wash your hands frequently so dander will not reach your face from your hands. As hard as it may be, avoid kissing the pets and hugging them until your immunotherapy allergist says your pet allergy is eradicated.

Your career as a vet tech is more than likely exciting and richly rewarding and you may be tormented by wondering how to keep on helping animals when you are suddenly allergic to them. Take control of your allergy now and contact an allergist near you, such as Oak Brook Allergists, about starting immunotherapy for pet allergies.