Don't Believe Medical Marijuana Myths

Thanks to medical research, the health benefits of medical marijuana are now being widely recognized.  As a result, a number of people with psychological, emotional and physical ailments now have access to this treatment method. While it is more widely available, this doesn't mean that it is widely accepted. A part of this has to do with myths. There are a number of myths that prevent people from trying this treatment method, even when it would be beneficial. Make sure you aren't overlooking these myths.

Is A Gateway Drug

One of the greatest concerns is the idea that marijuana is a gateway drug, eventually leading you down a road to more powerful drugs and a dangerous addiction. While a reason for anyone to be apprehensive, this is something you can overlook. There is no proven science behind this statement.

Instead, this is merely an assumption. Marijuana has an entirely different makeup than those highly addictive drugs like heroin and cocaine. Taking medical marijuana to treat your medical condition will not lead to addiction.

Makes You Lazy

Thanks to Hollywood, most people believe they have a general idea of what a marijuana user looks like – a lazy person who sits around and eats snacks all day. The reality is that medical marijuana users are every day, productive people with a long list of personal and professional obligations that they attend to.

Medical marijuana has therapeutic benefits that can calm, relax and relive discomfort, not make you lazy. Marijuana can also boost your mood and make you more focused, which can actually help you function more productively.

Increases The Risk Of Lung Cancer

There is a concern that using medical marijuana comes along with an increased risk for lung cancer. Many of these fears arrive from the thought of smoking marijuana. Smoking is synonymous with lung cancer, but this is the case when it comes to tobacco, which isn't what marijuana is.

There is no proven link between smoking marijuana and lung cancer. If it makes you feel better, you don't even have to smoke the medication. You can eat it, ingest it with a vaporizer and even use a spray application to administer your treatment.

Medical marijuana has been proven to be highly effective at treating a number of conditions, including chronic pain and severe depression. Don't let a myth keep you from treatment and leading a more satisfying and rewarding life. Contact a store, like CannaBoston, for more help.