Finding The Source Of An Allergic Reaction To The Skin

If you are suddenly suffering from red welts or itchiness of the skin, you will most likely want to alleviate the symptoms promptly. While treating the symptoms of an allergic reaction is certainly attainable, having them come back time and time again is an issue that will need to be addressed in addition to soothing the skin. Use these tips to find out the reason you are having recurrent allergic reactions to the skin.

Eliminate All Skincare Products For Several Days

Start by stopping the use of all topical treatments you use on the skin. This would include skin cream, sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, and any other medium you apply by hand. Rinse your body and hair with plain water during the time you are eliminating these substances. After you are symptom-free for a day or two, use a gentle soap for sensitive skin when bathing. Watch for adverse reactions. If you have no symptoms, add a mild shampoo to your routine after a day or two. Slowly eliminate the source of the reaction by allowing a couple of days of use of each item before you add another. At the first sign of skin trouble, stop the last addition for a day or two before trying it again. If it gives you skin trouble again, you have found the culprit.

Alter Your Diet To Find Triggers Easier

The foods you eat could very well be responsible for the skin reactions you are experiencing. It is a good idea to eliminate all processed foods from your diet as they are known to cause reactions in some people. Eating an organic diet can be helpful in stopping the symptoms of a skin reaction. Test your tolerance to foods in the same way you did with skin care products. Start by eating only one bland food for a few days. If there is no reaction, add another food to your diet. You will not need to give up the previously tested food. This is often the process done when a baby starts eating solid foods in an attempt to find foods that cause allergies quickly so they are not given to the child in the future.

See An Allergist For Further Testing

If you are unable to pinpoint the cause of your allergy with the elimination and addition methods with skin care products and foods, going to an allergist is best. They will do a series of tests to see how your skin reacts after it is injected with several known substances that cause allergy in many people. You may have an allergy to a plant, animal, cleaning substance, or piece of clothing. Since you will be monitored for any problems, your allergist will be able to give you medication to stop a reaction from progressing should a skin problem arise from testing. This testing is very helpful in finding out if more than one agent is triggering a response to your skin.

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