Exercise During And After Menopause

No woman is truly prepared for menopause and all the changes it brings to your body. Many women suffer from various physical ailments as well as mental struggles as they face this challenging period in life. One proven way to help make the transition is to stay physically fit. A regular and varied exercise exercise routine is an important component to staying healthy during and after menopause.

Strength Training

Many menopausal women gain weight, and they often blame those extra pounds on their lessening hormone levels. In fact, the biggest reason for weight gain in middle age for men and women is the loss of lean muscle. When you lose muscle, your metabolism slows and you gain weight. Adding strength training to your exercise routine can fight this issue and help you battle that middle-age bulge that so often occurs. Going to the gym and working out with an experienced trainer can really help you stay in shape. If you prefer to work out at home, slowly incorporate exercise with light weights and resistance equipment. 

Impact Exercise

As you age, you may start to "protect" your bones by reducing the amount of impact they must endure. You should be doing the opposite. Your bones need to experience regular weight-bearing impact to stay healthy and free from osteoporosis. A study showed that postmenopausal women who rapidly walked four or more times each week lowered their risk of hip fractures. If you are a swimmer or a bike rider, you need to add walking to the mix as well to protect your bones. 


Because menopause can be trying mentally as well as physically, adding yoga to your exercise routine can be particularly effective for you. The meditative aspects can calm your mind, and the poses can help your overall health. Those who practice yoga may find relief from the fatigue and hot flashes that often accompany menopause and the years that follow. You may also feel less grumpy and be better able to enjoy your life.

Menopause and the years that follow often pose difficulties for women. Your body undergoes physical changes that can easily lead to weight gain, but the psychological effects may be the most difficult part of this transformation. The right exercise routine can battle all aspects of menopause and make you feel healthier and happier. As you age, exercise becomes even more important to maintain your health than it was when you were younger.