Breast Augmentation Concerns: Reducing The Risk Of Implant Rupture

Breast augmentation is so common today that most women having the surgery have no embarrassment about undergoing the procedure or need to worry about any of the stigmas that were connected with it in the past. Today it is viewed as a cosmetic option not unlike changing hair color or dieting. However, it is a surgical procedure and needs to be considered carefully. One of the largest concerns is about what, if anything, the patient can do to reduce the risk of a ruptured implant.

The Surgeon Matters

The most important factor for the success of any cosmetic procedure is the surgeon who performs it. They will be the one to inspect the implants for flaws or concerns prior to insertion and the one who could be the cause of the damage. Incorrectly placing the implant or nicking or damaging it in some way during surgery could cause leakage at some point.

Pick Implants Carefully

Some implants are better than others, and this is not just a matter of whether to choose silicone or saline. Learn about the brands of implants available, their reputation and the type of warranty they carry. As for silicone or saline, many women choose silicone because even if it ruptures, it is less likely to be noticeable. Saline implants will drain out and leave the breast noticeably smaller. Despite health worries about silicone leakage, fifth generation silicone has a thicker consistency than previous models and even if the implant ruptures it will not travel through the body.

Choose Correct Size

Large implants on a small frame can cause problems. The skin tissue may be overstretched and not provide the support necessary. Capsular contracture, when the immune system responds to the implant and causes collagen to form a tight capsule around it, can also lead to rupturing. This is possible with large implants because there may be an inadequate amount of skin tissue for proper coverage of the implant.

Forget Common Myths

It is also important to know what will not cause a rupture in order to avoid pointless worrying. Having a mammogram should be safe, but it is important to notify the clinic of the implants prior to scheduling an appointment. Additional images will need to be taken to get a clear view and a special compression technique is used. Flying is safe, as are nearly all sports, with the exclusion of boxing. The impact of a punch directly into the implant could lead to a rupture. The age of the implant is also not a concern. Leaking can occur when an implant is new or they could last for decades without a problem. There are no expiration dates on implants that require replacement or removal at a specific date.

The possibility of a leak is something that every woman has to consider as a risk factor for the surgery, but it is a small risk. By choosing implants and surgeons carefully, woman can help to reduce the risk further. With safer materials now in use, the long-term physical impact of a leak is negligible. Ruptures do mean additional procedures are required to replace the implant, but it is not the health hazard it once was.  

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