What To Stop Before Your Plastic Surgery

Many plastic surgery procedures are just as invasive as ordinary surgeries designed to repair a torn meniscus or replace a hip. As a result, you need to make sure that you go into the surgeries in the best physical shape possible or else you will be risking your life. There are a few different habits and procedures, both bad and good, that you are going to need to stop doing in order to make sure that you are physically prepared for the surgery.

1. Stop Smoking

The first thing that you are going to need to do is stop smoking at least a few weeks before your surgery. When you smoke, you reduce the amount of blood that your body is able to get by constricting the arteries that carry your blood throughout the body. This is a huge problem because it can cause your healing process to be reduced and even potentially cause problems during the surgery itself. Talk to your doctor about how long you have been smoking, and he or she will tell you how early you need to stop smoking in order to be safe during the surgery.

2. Stop Drinking

The next habit that you are going to need to temporarily get rid of is drinking. When you drink, your immune system becomes compromised and, as a result, any bacteria or viruses that get into your system will be able to wreak havoc. This is especially problematic when you have a large incision in your body at least for a short time because it provides more of an opportunity for bacteria and viruses to invade your body. Alcohol will also make it more difficult for you to recover from the surgery. You will likely have to stop drinking at least a week before your plastic surgery. Talk to your plastic surgeon for more details.

3. Stop Taking Blood Thinners

Finally, you are going to need to stop taking any blood thinners that you might be taking in order to deal with high blood pressure. This is because you want to make sure that your blood clots quickly enough when you are being cut open for the surgery to ensure that you do not bleed out. You will need to have your plastic surgeon and your normal doctor collaborate in order to make sure that you stop your blood thinners in enough time to make sure that you are going to be okay for the surgery but not too soon so that you have to go without them.

For more information on how to prepare for your plastic surgery, talk to a professional plastic surgeon, like those at Plastic Surgery Innovation PC.