Get Rid Of The Hole Where Your Tooth Used To Be

The world of dentistry is always advancing just as the world of medicine. With technology moving forward on a consistent basis, there is no wonder that a dentist can perform dental implants for those who need them. No longer are the days when you must have a tooth pulled and face the gaping hole in your teeth.

Those who have a gap where their tooth used to be can replace it with this non-abrasive method by making an appointment with their dentist. For those who are curious as to how an implant procedure is done, here is an overview of the process.  There are three phases when you get a dental implant.

Phase One: Implantation of the Screw

The first phase is when your dentist will place the dental implant inside your jawbone. It is important to note that the only piece that is placed in the mouth at this time is the screw in which the false tooth will be attached too. Some dentists may place the screw and the false tooth, it is advised to ask your dentist if the false tooth will be placed during this visit or during the check up visit.

The dentist might recommend a certain diet in order to protect you during the healing process. This will normally consist of soft and cold foods, as well as warm soups. This will ensure the safety of your new tooth and to help prevent any infections while you heal.

Phase Two: Healing Process

In phase two the bone will be healing as well. This process is referred to as osseointegration. The meaning of this term is, "combines with the bone". This is the point in which the implant is made strong by your body. The bond will surround the implant and the tooth will prove to be as strong as a real tooth. This phase does take a bit of time; at times it can take several months.

Phase Three: Getting the False Tooth

During this phase, you will visit your dentist for a check up to ensure that the process has gone according to plan and if you can go ahead with the placement of the false tooth on the implant. The tooth will be customized to fit inside your mouth and to match the rest of your teeth. This is to ensure that the tooth looks and feels just as a real tooth. This is referred to as a dental crown. The crown is based on the shape, size, color, as well as the fit. It will blend in with the rest of the teeth.

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