Be A Spy: Fun Listening Devices To Use Along With Your Hearing Aid

Starting to lose your hearing it can be a troubling time. You get frustrated because you can't hear others and they get frustrated with you as they practically yell at you. While you realize it is time for a hearing aid, you might not like the idea. Don't feel bad about losing your hearing. Have some fun with it! Get your hands on some cool listening devices so that you can feel like a spy.

These devices are meant for fun and are not substitutes for an actual hearing aid. Use these along with your hearing aid to have some spy fun.

Monocular Listening Device

You've seen monocular listening devices in spy movies of the past back before today's high tech and tiny listening devices. Monocular listening devices look like laser guns from a science fiction movement. They have a something shaped like a satellite (monocular) on the end of a handle that looks like a gun. The giant monocular in the front captures distant sound and makes it louder for you to hear. It is connected to a pair of headphones so the audio goes right to your ears so no one else hears it.

While a monocular listening device isn't great for covert listening, you will still have fun using it to listen to conversations.

Disguised Transmitters

Disguised transmitters are perfect for covert listening. They make you feel like a real spy as you listen to conversations without anyone around you knowing that you're listening. These transmitters are shaped like a normal object you would use every day. Some objects include ashtrays, lamps, computer mouse, and even wall outlets. You place the transmitter in a room and no one will realize it is listening to them talk. You can be in the same room or in another room with the receiver. The receiver captures the audio from the transmitter so you can hear it.

Disguised Recorders

Sometimes you want to record what someone is saying so you can listen to it later. Maybe someone doesn't talk well enough for you to hear so you want to record it to listen later instead of constantly telling the person that you can't understand. Disguised recorders are fun because they are spy-like. Just like the disguised transmitters, the records look like normal objects, such as cigarette lighters, pens, and watches. With a covert push of a button, the object will start to record the audio near it. Many of these objects also have speakers for playback or a USB port so you can place the audio your computer.

Losing your hearing doesn't mean you'll miss out on conversations. Have some fun and become a spy with these listening devices. Just remember that not all countries allow these devices for personal use and you should still rely an actual hearing aid (from audiologists like Barth Craig T Ma CCC-a).