The Fungus Among Us: How Do People Contract Toe Nail Fungus?

Fungus. It's a word that no one experiences warm and fuzzy emotions about. There's a few words that describe how people feel when they are experiencing a fungal infection-annoyance, embarrassment, and bewilderment. Specifically, most are bewildered as to how they've contracted a fungal infection, especially a toe nail fungus infection. 

Below are answers regarding how a toe nail fungus is contracted, how to avoid an infection, and how a present infection can be treated. 

Your Healthy Habits Might Be Ruining Your Toenails

Do you visit a fitness center regularly? If so, then there's a good chance that you've used the facility showers at least once. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you forgot to bring your shower shoes, or you never found the need to wear shower shoes? If so, then there's a good chance that you've picked up a fungal nail infection in this way.  Community showers are notorious breeding grounds for onychomycosis, or the fungus that breeds on your toenails.

Fungus (and mold) love to thrive in wet, humid, dark areas. Since the community showers at a fitness center (or a municipal swimming pool) is being constantly used, there's plenty of opportunity for this parasite to breed. Add this to the fact that there are plenty of foot skin cells being left behind on public shower surfaces, and you've found the perfect storm for your current infection. 

Of course, if you want to prevent yourself from contracting the fungus in the future, then packing shower shoes (commonly known as flip flops) is a must! And, you could always wait until you get back home to take a shower. But, even if you do, make sure that you're giving your tub or shower a sanitary scrub on a constant basis after you finish working out or swimming in a public facility.  

Your Friend's Shoes Are Literally Painful To Endure

It's common among close friends to share each other's shoes. After all, there's a bond that makes sharing clothing acceptable, right? The problem is, sharing shoes is a popular method of picking up a toenail fungus. 

Your friend doesn't mean to hurt you, but there could be a chance that they've recently contracted a fungal infection. And, even if they've had the infection for a long time, they might believe that they're not contagious anymore, but they are.  If you can avoid sharing shoes with others, then do so. If you must share shoes, then never wear another person's shoes with bare feet. After you've returned the shoes, wash your feet with sanitizing soap, or with rubbing alcohol-it's an antimicrobial solution. 

If you're suffering with a toenail infection, then know that you're not alone, and the condition is curable. You can take prescription pills, and doctors are able to use lasers that are designed to kill fungal spores at their root. Then you can be free of the nasty fungus for as long as you protect your feet. Talk with a specialist at a facility like the Oregon Foot Clinic for treatment of your foot fungus.