Dental Implants For Decayed Teeth: Things You Should Know Before Getting Them

Are you suffering from tooth loss because you failed to get into the habit of brushing your teeth on a regular basis? Decayed teeth can be fixed with the help of dental implants, but you must have healthy jawbones for the implant procedure to be performed. Discover what you should know before replacing your damaged teeth with dental implants in the article below:

What Should Someone Know Before Getting Dental Implants?

You must understand that there must be a sufficient amount of healthy jawbone in your mouth to keep dental implants secure. When you visit a dentist, he or she will have to examine your jawbones through an x-ray. You may have weak jawbones if your teeth deteriorated from periodontal disease, which is an advanced form of gingivitis.

If it is discovered that your jawbones are weak, you may still be able to get dental implants if you undergo bone grafting. What the dentist will do with bone grafting is take a portion from any healthy jawbone in your mouth and surgically place it where you want dental implants. If you don't have any healthy jawbones, an artificial bone can be used. The key is to have some stable enough to keep dental implants from falling out after they are installed.

One you have a healthy bones for the implants, a hole will be drilled in the bones so metal posts can be installed. The metal posts will act as artificial roots for the implants. After the metal posts are installed, abutments will be connected to them. The abutments are what the implants will be attached to.

Can Dental Implants Be Paid for with Insurance?

It is not common for dental insurance companies to pay for dental implants unless it is something you need as a medical emergency. However, many dental clinics offer financing to make paying for implants more affordable due to the ability to make payments. You can expect each dental implant to cost between $2,400 and $10,000 plus, but the price will depend on if you need to undergo bone grafting or not.

Ugly teeth that have decayed away are not something that you have to live with if you get them replaced with dental implants. As long as you have healthy jawbones or undergo bone grafting, you can get implants that work and look like natural teeth. Simply make an appointment with a dentist to get the process started to improve your smile!