Five Ways You Can Help At An Assisted Living Facility

Assisted living facilities are always looking for ways to make their homes even better for their residents. They do this through a variety of activities for their residents. However, there are times when it is a challenge for an assisted living facility to have both variety and a large quantity of activities to make life there fun. You can help with this by volunteering to help out. This is especially valuable if you have a parent who lives there. Here are five ways you can volunteer at an assisted living facility:

Share a musical talent

Music can be a powerful way to help residents at an assisted living facility. Usually these facilities will have a piano, but you could also go in with another instrument and put on a concert for the residents. You will leave feeling grateful and happy that you shared with them and they will go back to their rooms and have the wonderful memories of your concert to help brighten their day.

Organize a game night

Assisted living facility residents love to play games. Get some board games together and have them set up at tables for people to come and play with. You could also organize a large-scale event like bingo or bunko that the whole facility could play. 

Bring in a youth group

One way that you can serve both assisted living facility residents and youth in your community is bringing them together. Have the youth come in and talk with the residents so that they can build cross-generational bonds that will strengthen both the residents and the youth.

Have an exercise day

Because the residents of the assisted living facility need exercise, organize some simple, easy exercises for them to do. These can be simple things that just help them work on their range of motion - rotating their arms or necks. You can also have them stand and sit in chairs multiple times. It may seem like these are easy exercises, but they can be a challenge for the residents.

Put on a family history day

Organize a family history day for the residents. Most assisted living facilities have computers and you can set times with the residents to help them learn how to do their family history on computers. You can also have different areas where they can tell their stories and share their history so that their posterity can hear it.

As you do these things, you'll find that both the assisted living residents and you are uplifted and improved by your interactions together.