Lower Back Pain Remedies

If you suffer from lower back pain, you will want to do whatever possible to find some relief. There are several ways you can try to alleviate pain in the lower back. Here are a few methods for you to give a try in stopping or dulling pain in your lower back area.

Use Temperature To Help

If your lower back pain is from the result of a recent injury, use ice to bring down any swelling that may be present. Place ice cubes into a plastic storage bag and wrap with a hand towel to make a homemade ice pack. Place this directly on your back for twenty minutes a few times a day. You will want to do this for two or three days before moving to heat.

You can use heat to help relieve lower back pain. Use a heating pad directly on the affected area for twenty-minute increments, several times a day. Taking a hot bath or getting into a hot tub will also relieve pain in your back.

See Your Doctor

See your physician to see if the pain in your back is something you will be able to battle on your own. Your physician may recommend that you go to a chiropractor like those at Smith Chiropractic to get some relief. A chiropractor will do a series of movements using their hands along your spinal area to help relieve pressure that can be pressing on nerves within the back.

Many people find a lot of relief after seeing a chiropractor for their back pain problems. You may have to have repeat visits in order for the pain to subside completely. The process is one that does not take long and it does not hurt in any way.

Change Your Habits

If you work in an office setting, make sure you are using an ergonomically approved chair. Place a small step stool under your desk to rest your feet upon while working. This will help keep your back straight when you are in a sitting position. Get up frequently to stretch and help avoid slumping and slouching.

if you lift heavy objects frequently, wear a back brace for added support. Always use your legs to lift, never your back. Place your weight on your legs and lift slowly without putting the weight on your back. If you can take a break from lifting until your back is healed, it is recommended.

Do some exercising to help strengthen your back muscles. Yoga and light aerobics can relieve pain and help your back heal. Taking short walks can also help relive some of the tension in your back muscles.