Soothing Lower Back Pain

If you have chronic back pain, you most likely would like to find a way to relieve it without having side effects from taking medication. There are several methods you can use to alleviate pain in your lower back. Here are some things you can give a try to see if you can dull or eliminate the pain completely.

Cold Or Warm Temperature

If you have contracted the back pain due to an injury, you will want to start by using a cold compress to help take away the pain. Placing cold temperature upon the area that has been affected can help to reduce any swelling associated with the injury. Try using a frozen bag of vegetables wrapped in a hand towel for about twenty minutes to try to take some of the pain away. Do this a few times a day for two or three days before switching to heat.

Apply a warm compress in the same manner. Use a heating pad wrapped in a hand towel to put directly on the area that is bothering you. If you did not have a recent injury that had caused the pain in your back, you can skip the cold temperature and go right to a warm temperature to try and help relieve the pain. You can try using a jacuzzi tub or a hot bath to relieve the pain in your back, as well.

See A Chiropractor

A chiropractor may be able to relieve some of the pain in your back by taking stress off of your spine. The chiropractor will do a series of moves along your spine to help it realign, relieving pain in the process. You can make an appointment with a chiropractor to have an evaluation done to see if this may help your situation.

Many times going to a chiropractor will give a person instant relief. You may need to go back for repeat appointments to keep your back healthy and to keep pain from reoccurring. This doctor is very beneficial in helping pain in your back and they may be able to recommend exercises you can do to further sooth the area.

Change Your Routine

If you have a job where you sit or lift heavy items continuously, you may want to change your habits to let up on some of the stress you may be putting on your back. When working at a desk, place a small footstool underneath to rest your feet upon while working. This can help take some of the stress off of your back.

Make sure you are using an ergonomically approved chair to do your job. If it is not the right kind of chair, ask your company if they would consider getting you one that would help your back. If you lift items often, use your legs instead of your back to do the lifting. Consider using a back support belt to help you keep the weight in the correct location when lifting.